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Church Hosts Discussion on Medical Marijuana, Shares Why They Became Involved with This Issue

by Newsroom | From the Church Mormon Life

“We’re not opposed to medical marijuana,” said Marty Stephens, director of government relations of The Chur...


“Jane and Emma” Actress and Non-Member Tells NPR the Uplifting Insights She Learned About Joseph Smith, Faith Playing Jane Manning

by Lindsey Miller | Fun Mormon Life

The upcoming movie Jane and Emma is already making waves in the entertainment industry with its controversi...


The Top Reason Millennials Are Leaving the Church + 10 Ways to Combat It from Those on the Church's Front Lines

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

According to one study, the top reason Millennials gave for leaving the Church was  that they felt jud...


Watch: Artist Creates Beautiful Primary Medley to Raise Awareness for Those with Special Needs

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Fun Mormon Life

For Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Latter-day Saint pianist and arranger Monica Scott wanted to use her tal...


ESPN Features Latter-day Saint Dad Whose Son Was Stolen and the Man Who Is Trying to Rescue Him

by LDS Living Staff | Famous Mormons

Five days before he was due at an NFL training camp, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin flew to Hai...


First Presidency Announces Dedication Date for 4th Temple in Africa

by Newsroom | From the Church Mormon Life

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced open house and dedica...


When Sister Ballard Shared What It Was Like Being the Wife of an Apostle + Her Dedication to Family and the Lord

by Lindsey Miller | From the Church Makes You Think Mormon Life

Barbara Bowen Ballard, wife of President M. Russell Ballard, passed away on October 1, 2018, surrounded by ...


Latter-day Saint Breaks World Record for "Fastest Time to Climb Over a Human Tunnel by a Goat"

by Katie Lambert | Fun Mormon Life

Contortionists, weightlifters, and average Joes with really long fingernails. As April Gould flipped throug...


Latter-day Saint Trapeze Couple on "America's Got Talent" Share How They Met, What Led Them to Perform

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

"When people see us on the trapeze, they can tell we actually have a real connection," Latter-day Saint tra...


Little-Known Miracles Behind the Discovery of Annie Schmidt's Body 2 Years Ago

by Katie Lambert | Famous Mormons Makes You Think

Driving through the rain-soaked streets of Portland, Oregon, on October 19, 2016, Michelle Schmidt wasn’t w...