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Watch: Sisters Nelson and Cook Sing Fun Duet, Talk Traveling with the Prophet

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Fun Mormon Life

Did you know Sister Mary Cook finds a way to sing in most of her addresses to Latter-day Saints around the ...


On "Jimmy Fallon," Latter-day Saint Comedian Mentions Guardian Angels, Receives Standing Ovation

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Humor Fun

Guardian angels and Jimmy Fallon—it's a rare and hilarious combination. Latter-day Saint comedian Ryan Hami...


Watch: 9/11 Tributes by David Archuleta, the Osmonds, and Tabernacle Choir

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Mormon Life

A year following the devastating terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, 11-year-old David Archuleta sang ...


The Only Time Jesus Used a Name in His Parables

by Kathryn Jenkins and Hank Smith, excerpted from "Living the Parables" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Everybody’s heard of Lazarus. You know the one—the brother of Mary and Martha who died and was left in his ...


Refinery 29 Highlights a Day in the Life of a Sister Missionary in New York

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

What could compel a 21-year-old college athlete on a full-ride scholarship to put her education, dating lif...


What a Wildfire Teaches About Sustaining Our Leaders and How It Elevates Us All

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In the tearful days after a wildfire devastated entire neighborhoods in California’s Sonoma County in Octob...


See the First Official Photos Inside the Remodeled Frankfurt Germany Temple + Dedication Dates

by | From the Church Mormon Life

The public is invited to tour the newly remodeled Frankfurt Germany Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of...


Temple President in Tonga Passes Away

by | From the Church Mormon Life

Taniela A. Langi passed away in Tonga on 5 September. He had been serving alongside his wife, Sister ’Anase...


Touching Moments from Sisters Jones and Craig's Historic Ministry to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan

by Church News | Mormon Life

Following a group of people dressed in colorful, handmade tribal clothing up the stairs in a small Church m...


When Marie Osmond Was Offered $5 Million to Be in "Playboy" and Donny Was Asked to Fake a Drug Bust to Help Their Careers

by LDS Living Staff | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning , Donny and Marie Osmond were asked a question many have wonder...