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Latter-day Saint Movie Review: T.C. Christensen’s "The Fighting Preacher" Is a Knockout

by Jonathan Decker | Fun Mormon Life

What's The Fighting Preacher  about? A Latter-day Saint boxer and his wife are called to take care of ...


The Root of Negative Body Image + 4 Ways to See Yourself How God Sees You

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Our culture tends to objectify both women’s and men’s bodies. It teaches us to see people as bodies (or obj...


Archeologists Discover Ancient Church Built Over the Home of New Testament Apostles Peter and Andrew

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Archeologists have uncovered the Church of the Apostles, an ancient church built over the home of New Testa...


Church Video Answers "Where Did We Come From?" in 4 Minutes

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

"Where did we come from?" This question has been the cause of speculation for many of God's children throug...


How President McKay Met and Proposed to His Wife

by Mary Jane Woodger, Paulette Preston Yates, adapted from "Courtships of the Prophets" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

During David O. McKay’s second year at the University of Utah, he and his siblings made arrangements with E...


BYU Volleyball Star Shares Faith, Wins Gold with Team USA at International Tournament

by Church News | Mormon Life

The dictionary folks at Merriam-Webster would be wise to include  Mary Lake’s mug next to the word “gl...


The 2-Letter Word That Makes All the Difference in the 2019 Mutual Theme

by Jason F. Wright | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I adore the 2019 Mutual theme, and I’ve enjoyed studying, pondering, cross-referencing, and speaking about ...


14 Funny Latter-day Saint Memes and Comics to Brighten Your Day

by LDS Living Staff | Humor Fun Mormon Life

Need a laugh or a really good pun to boost your spirits? Here are some hilarious memes and tweets that cele...


The Night President Nelson's Grandfather Spoke to His Deceased Dad in a Dream (+ His Comforting Message)

by Mary Jane Woodger, Kenneth L. Alford, Craig K. Manscill, excerpted from "Dreams as Revelation" | Mormon Life

Like birth, death is a necessary and essential part of the plan of salvation (see Moses 6:59–62 )—which Jac...


How to Get Tickets for President Nelson's Birthday Celebration (Which Are Available Starting Today)

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

Our beloved, energetic prophet will turn 95 on September 9, and the world has been invited to celebrate wit...