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Church Video: How God's Love Is Always Available to Us

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

"God's love isn't something we earn; it is always available for us," a new Church video shares. "No matter ...


Elder Cook on Why We Should Learn About Other Faiths and Consider Our Commonalities

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

In a recent Instagram post, Elder Cook shares, "I believe that it is important for us to consider the commo...


150 Missionaries Sing National Anthem, Elder Bednar Throws Pitch to Jeremy Guthrie at MLB Game

by LDS Living Staff | Fun Mormon Life

“They were angelic!" April Mecham said about the choir of 150 missionaries she led in singing "The Star-Spa...


5 Latter-day Saints Who Have Been Knighted

by Danielle B. Wagner | Famous Mormons Fun Mormon Life

This story previously ran on  LDS Living in June 2017 but has been updated to include new information....


I Am Worth Fighting for: Overcoming My Eating Disorder

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Remember near the end of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, where Frodo and Sam, covered in sweat and dir...


Did You See the BYU Banner in "Stranger Things 3"?

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

A recent article by Lottie Peterson Johnson from the Deseret News   highlights a delightful detail in ...


Latter-day Saint Therapist: 4 Ways to Avoid Negative or Abusive Relationships

by Jonathan Decker, LMFT, Contributor | Makes You Think Mormon Life

For daily gospel-based relationship insights, join Jonathan’s  Facebook group . To submit a question&n...


How Observing the Sabbath Became Like Celebrating Christmas for My Family

by Emily Belle Freeman, excerpted from "Creating a Christ-Centered Home" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

We recently sat down as a family to talk about how we want to honor the Lord’s day. We began the conversati...


Spouses of US Governors Gather to Serve at Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center

by Church News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

A gathering of volunteers — all spouses and associates of U.S. governors — stood shoulder-to-shoulder on Th...


Watch: BYU Gymnastics Takes the Bottle Cap Challenge to a Whole New Level

by Danielle B. Wagner | Videos Humor Fun

The Bottle Cap Challenge. It's drawn the attention of celebrities like Jason Statham, Shaq, Justin Bieber, ...