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Watch: Civil Rights Activist Explains What "Come, Come Ye Saints" Symbolizes for the NAACP

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

Reverend Amos C. Brown is the pastor of the Third Baptist Church of San Francisco, a civil rights activist,...


Why We Should Treat Our Standards as Beacons of Discipleship, Not Blowhorns of Condemnation

by Katie Lambert | Mormon Life

I remember how embarrassed I felt the day I shamed another coworker for not having the same standards I did...


Watch: How This Latter-day Saint Found She Was Good Enough for God—Even with Her Imperfections

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

Just three things.  Olivia's therapist asked her to name three things that Olivia loved about herself ...


If Your Efforts Aren’t Perfect, Know Someone Who Loves You Is Cheering You On

by Jason F. Wright | Mormon Life

Recently my youngest child, Koleson, was given some simple yard work responsibilities. (You're welcome, kid...


The Mysterious Newspaper That Led to a Temple Miracle

by Chad Hawkins, adapted from "Holy Places" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following article was originally published on  LDS Living in October 2015. In 1884, a mysterious n...


Author Dean Hughes on How His Ancestor Joined the Church After Trying to Punch an Apostle, Polygamy, and His Book "Muddy"

by Trent Toone, for LDS Living | Makes You Think Mormon Life

One of author Dean Hughes' favorite pioneer stories starts out with his angry, somewhat intoxicated ancesto...


9 Fascinating Insights into Pioneer Life in 1847 Compared to Today

by Emily Abel | Fun Mormon Life

It can be hard to imagine what life was like for the pioneers. We read stories of their miracles and traged...


Dodgers Change Name of "Mormon Night" + Elder Andersen Throws First Pitch

by LDS Living Staff | Fun Mormon Life

Elder Neil L. Andersen wound up on the pitcher's mound at Dodger Stadium on July 19, 2019, prepared to thro...


How Imprisonment, Persecution Helped Paul Move Christ's Message Forward

by S. Kent Brown | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The setting was an institute class wherein some important dimensions about Acts 16–20 became clear to me. F...


Latter-day Saint Movie Review: Does "The Lion King" Live Up to the Classic?

by Trina Boice of Movie Review Mom, Contributor | Fun

What is The Lion King  about?  It’s been 5 minutes, so that means it’s time for another Disney re...