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Beautiful Arrangement of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" Will Bring Peace to Your Heart

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Mormon Life

American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic released a music video on YouTube yesterday of a beautiful arrangemen...


LDS Author Creates Comprehensive List of All Women in the Book of Mormon and Bible

by Women in the Scriptures | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Recently, LDS author Heather Farrell created a comprehensive list of women in the Old Testament in preparat...


Watch What Happens When the Tabernacle Choir Flash Mobs a Crowd on the Streets of Williamsburg

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Fun Mormon Life

Recently, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir shared this incredible video to Facebook of when choir members flash ...


Church Releases New Coloring Books for Pearl of Great Price and Book of Mormon

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

The Church has released new coloring books for the Pearl of Great Price and Book of Mormon. The Church is p...


For Those Sick and Tired of the Negativity in the Media, You Need to Read This Church Article

by Newsroom | From the Church Makes You Think Mormon Life

How can we help flood the world with all the good we see? How can we keep a balanced perspective to focus o...


Donny Osmond Sings Epic "Puppy Love" for National Puppy Day

by LDS Living | Videos Famous Mormons Humor Fun Mormon Life

Here's a little video Donny Osmond shared on Facebook to make you smile and help you celebrate National Pup...


What Is Book of Mormon Day and How Can You Celebrate It?

by Taylor Halverson and Anita Wells | Fun Mormon Life

Book of Mormon day is on March 26, the day the Book of Mormon was published in 1830. This day is set aside ...


One Way We're Getting the "Rules to Being a Good Mormon" All Wrong

by Relationship Refinery | Makes You Think Mormon Life

While it's often easier to categorize things in terms of checklists and rules, the simple truth is that liv...


The One Essential Reason Viewing Pornography Is Wrong

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

With society choosing to view pornography as a harmless pastime, it's important to inform ourselves and our...


LDS Stake's Life-Sized Ark of Covenant and Tabernacle Opens for Tours, Thousands Visit

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

A life-sized Old Testament tabernacle replica has been brought to Chino Hills, California, and is open for ...