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Mormons, Muslims, & Others Build Prosthetic Hands for Victims of Landmines

by Newsroom | Mormon Life

At an LDS church, a prayer room was set apart for Muslims and other religions were invited to participate i...


17 Reasons Mormons Aren’t That Cool

by Mormon Hub | Humor Fun Mormon Life

It's true. We really aren't that great—we're awesome! Check out this hilarious compilation that might just ...


How Can the Holy Ghost Be a God If He Doesn't Have a Body?

by Mormon Hub | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In a letter written into iMissionary at, a reader asked how the Holy Ghost can be considered a God ...


Research Shows Many Americans Think Churches Do Nothing to Solve Social Problems. Here's Mormon Newsroom's Response

by Newsroom | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In a recent article, Mormon Newsroom dug into why many people believe churches don't help solve social prob...


LDS Olympic Athletic Trainer Shares How His Religion Helped Him Get to Rio

by Deseret News | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Dustin Williams, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is headed to Brazil to serve ...


LDS TV Host Who Investigates Hauntings & UFOs Finds Surprising Ways to Share His Faith

by Jeff Hampton | Famous Mormons

Ben Hansen once climbed into a cage, then stared great white sharks in the eye as the cage was lowered into...


Gary Johnson Clarifies & Shares What He Really Thinks About Mormons

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Gary Johnson recently wrote an exclusive article for the Deseret News,  during which he clarified and ...


LDS Athlete Sets Record, Heads to "American Ninja Warrior" National Finals

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

While many Latter-day Saints have competed on A merican Ninja Warrior , one just set a new show record! Fif...


Mormons to Watch for at the 2016 Rio Olympics

by Danielle B. Wagner | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Athletes from around the globe are getting ready to compete in the dream of a lifetime this Olympics, and a...


How an LDS Junior High Dropout Became a Successful Entrepreneur

by Katie Lambert | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Most 16 year olds are focused on getting their driver license. AshLee Winterrose was focused on moving...