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LDS Pop Stars Share How They Stand for Faith and Family Against All Odds

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The Kawamitsu family got their start in stardom performing martial arts throughout the United States. The e...


What to Expect From the New Installment of "Meet the Mormons"

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The original goal of Meet the Mormons was to show the world “who we are and what makes us tick,” says Blair...


When My Car Broke Down at 5:30 on a Freezing Morning: A Touching Story of the Atonement

by Aggieland Mormons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

What a surprising story of how the Atonement can come into play in our lives in the most unexpected and pro...


Man on a Quest for His Family History Discovers 220-Year-Old Bible. Here's What Was Inside

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Everyone loves a little bit of mystery and adventure. But when you throw family history in the mix, somethi...


The Famous Writer Mormons Love Who Didn’t Love Mormons

by Meridian Magazine | Mormon Life

I'm sure you've probably heard the name Wordsworth before, especially if you listen to general conference. ...


President Nelson Speaks Out Against the War That Costs Over 40 Million Lives Per Year

by | Mormon Life

After the recent Supreme Court ruling—which found Texas laws that regulate abortion clinics uncon...


GENTRI Sings This Classic Rock Cover Like You've Never Heard It Before

by LDS Living | Videos Famous Mormons Fun Mormon Life

A classic song from a famous classic rock group. There's no doubt about it, things don't get much sweeter t...


We Aren't God's Only People: What I'd Tell Younger Missionary Me

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

What a thought-provoking article from Even when we think we are humbly serving the Lord, sometimes...


LDS Teen Crash Lands Plane After Engine Fails, Father Says the Lord Helped Her Survive

by Katie Lambert | Mormon Life

Seventeen-year-old Sierra Lund wasn't nervous when she took off for her first solo cross-country ...


LDS Kids' Lemonade Stand Helps Raise $1,000 for Families of Fallen Dallas Officers

by Katie Lambert | Mormon Life

Sherrie Kimber says she taught her sons that love always trumps hate. But she never imagined her sons ...