With general conference quickly approaching, we have the privilege of bringing you a candid conversation with the Relief Society General Presidency. These three women are uniquely qualified with life experiences that make them a powerful force for good. In this week's episode, the General Presidency discusses what they have learned from working closely with the First Presidency. They also share what they wish women in the Church understood right now and what 2020 has taught them about God’s love.

“When we want what He wants we find joy, even in times of difficulty.” 

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Relief Society General Presidency and Board – “Just Like You” video

Sister Bingham speaks at United Nations: 

Part One of Sister Aburto's story: 

Deseret Book Live video with Sister Aburto: 

Article about ProjectProtect: "ProjectProtect concludes after six weeks with nearly 6 million masks" June 23, 2020 

Sister Eubank's talk addressed to single sisters: "A Letter to a Single Sister," YA Weekly, March 2020

Gospel Topics essay that Sister Eubank mentions: "Joseph Smith's Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women"

Show Notes: 

3:48- Life During a Pandemic
9:30- Labels Don’t Matter
13:36- Uniquely Called and Qualified
18:48- “I Hope Being Single Isn’t The Most Interesting Thing”
21:58- “Our Story Is Not Over Yet”
25:06- Women and the Restored Gospel
30:13- Lessons Learned in Three and a Half Years of Service
34:48- Actively Participating
36:03- 2020, Anxiety, and God’s Comfort
37:42- Difficulties Are Part of Life and Christ is the Answer
39:01- What Does It Mean To Be “All In” the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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