A thread of complexity is woven throughout the life of Emma Smith. Her love for her husband, the Prophet Joseph Smith, was enduring despite her struggles to understand his participation in polygamy. Her family was the most important thing to her, yet she suffered familial losses over and over again. She gave her all for the gospel of Jesus Christ but chose not to go west with the Saints. Many have asked, “Did Emma fall short?" This week, we talk with Jennifer Reeder, the author of the new biography, “First: The Life and Faith of Emma Smith," about why the answer to that question is no—Emma gave all that was asked of her.

“The very thing that tears you to pieces is often the thing that means the most to you.”

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 Jenny's book about Emma Smith:

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Morgan's article about Emma Smith:  "What I didn't know: An open letter to Emma Smith"


3:47- “I Think She Is Speaking to Me”
11:33- A Life of Loss and Starting Over
17:13- Did Emma Fall Short?
19:45- “Joseph, Joseph, Joseph”
21:54- Complementary Partners
27:36- Polygamy
37:04- Emma’s Family’s Concerns
41:41- Stories of Ongoing Restoration
46:57- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?