November/December 2018 Issue

Feature Stories:

"Peace for a Palestinian" (Pg. 26)

By Danielle B. Wagner

Growing up in a land rich with stories of angels, prophecies, and miracles, Sahar Qumsiyeh discovered that the only way to witness divine manifestations was through the love that makes all things possible. 

"Picturing the Savior" (Pg. 40)

By Aubrey Zalewski

Of all the subjects to paint or draw, there are perhaps none weightier than Jesus Christ, the Lord Almighty. We spoke with a few artists who shared their feelings about portraying the Savior through their work.

Other Stories:

"The Good Shepherd" (Pg. 19)

By Brad Wilcox, adapted from Because of the Messiah in a Manger

We are all familiar with the scriptural analogy of the Savior as our Good Shepherd, but traveling to the Holy Land helped me gain an even deeper understanding of what this symbolism really means.

"A Home with Jesus: The Bonner Family Story" (Pg. 53) 

By Morgan Jones

When they sang their medley of Primary songs at the Church's historic "Be One" celebration, few people knew about the Bonner family. But they bore musical testimony of a Savior who has been by their side through every triumph and tragedy of their lives.

"Joseph Smith's Leadership of Zion's Camp" (Pg. 58)

By Matthew C. Godfrey, General Editor and Managing Historian of the Joseph Smith Papers

In 1834, Joseph Smith led more than 200 men, women, and children on an expedition from Ohio to Missouri to help the Latter-day Saints in Missouri reclaim their property after being driven from their homes. On that expedition, known today as the march of Zion's Camp, the prophet demonstrated important leadership principles we can still learn from today.

Home Cooking

"Cookie Recipe Contest Winners" (Pg. 69)  

From LDS Living Readers

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to pop out your best cookie recipes or try your hand at some new ones to share with your neighbors. We asked you to send us your best recipes, and a few stood out that we just had to share.

Just Asking

Just Asking: Madilyn Paige (Pg. 75)

After performing on The Voice in 2014 and appearing in the October 2017 Face to Face for youth, Madilyn Paige continues to inspire thousands with her uplifting music. She recently answered some questions and gave us a glimpse into what life is like as a Latter-day Saint singer and songwriter.