Feed My Sheep

Episode #61: Published November 16, 2020

When the demand for potatoes plummeted during the outbreak of COVID-19, Ryan did something unthinkable. He dumped 2 million pounds of potatoes on his farm and, through a Facebook post, invited anyone to take what they needed. Little did he know that this post would reach a single mother in Kenya and give him the opportunity to act on the Savior's invitation to feed His sheep both physically and spiritually.

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Show Notes: 

The talk by Elder Holland that KaRyn quotes: "The First Great Commandment," from October 2012 General Conference

Read the LDS Living article about Ryan sharing his potatoes: "How 1 Latter-day Saint Farmer's Decision to Give Away 2 Million Potatoes Had a Worldwide Impact "

Ryan with his family:

The pile of potatoes on Ryan's farm where people could come grab what they needed:

Susan with her daughter and Titus, he is the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric: 

Susan and her daughter on their baptism day with Titus: 

 Susan's daughter, Serena, at a fruit stand: