The Gift of Curiosity

Episode #71: Published February 15, 2021

In this episode, we explore one of the ways that we can become better storytellers and better listeners through cultivating our holy curiosity. In honor of Black History Month, we revisit the faithful story of Isaac Thomas, a Black Latter-day Saint who converted to the gospel in the 1970's despite the fact that he would be unable to hold the priesthood or participate fully in the restored gospel he loved. We'll also hear from Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes, (aka the Sistas in Zion) who give us their tips for better ways to interact with one another across cultural divides.

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Show Notes: 

Isaac and his wife:

See article about Isaac and his wife being sealed in the temple: "First Black Man Sealing in the Salt Lake Temple Shares the Moment He Heard the Priesthood Revelation"

The video where we heard Isaac's story for the first time: 

If you’re looking for a place to start as you cultivate your curiosity, here are a few of our favorite resources for learning more about Black history:

Watch @sistasinzionLDS Living’s “What (&What Not) to Say to Black People at Church" video:

And here’s a clip of Zandra talking about being called as a Trek “Ma” and how that interacts with her culture as a Black woman:

We love this video from Mauli Bonner (of the bonner family) that gives us insight into what it’s like to be a Black man in our church today: 

This article from LDS Living that has several stories from Black Latter-day Saints all in one place – hint, it includes other really great podcast episodes from "All In" and "This Is the Gospel": "Celebrate Black voices with these LDS Living resources"  

You can watch the movie Jane and Emma, all about the relationship between Jane Manning James (one of the first Black pioneer saints) and Emma Smith, free on amazon prime right now here.

This episode of "Sunday on Monday" study group features Yahosh Bonner and Tamu Smith discussing the priesthood. It’s really special and it’s available through February without a bookshelf plus membership. Find this special free episode here and then listen to it by downloading the Deseret Bookshelf app or through once you have added the episode to your library.