"Written by Michelle Wilson"

Youth Theme Insight: What It Means to Be a "Noble and Great One"

by Michelle Wilson and Dennis Gaunt | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Have you ever had this happen before? It’s dinner time and you’re about to dig into your favorite meal. You...


Youth Theme Insight: 4 Reminders of How Much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love You

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Jesus loves you. Three little words that you’ve probably heard a thousand times in your life. Maybe so much...


Youth Theme Insight: The GPS That Christ Gave Us to Show Us the Way Home

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

Maps are awesome. I mean, think about it: someone with so much more knowledge and experience than us took t...


How Not “Being Enough” Is Part of God’s Plan for Us

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

It’s a phrase I’ve said to myself many times before: “With God, you are enough.” But maybe that’s not true....


Youth Theme Insight: The Words That Helped Me Understand My Identity

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think Lesson Helps

Over the next several months, we will be sharing insights from authors Michelle Wilson and Dennis Gaunt on ...


The Bizarre Things Primary Kids Say + the Lesson It Taught Me About My Heavenly Father

by Michelle Wilson, excerpted from "Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?" | Humor Fun Makes You Think Mormon Life

A few years ago I was called to teach the CTR5 Primary class. At the beginning of class every Sunday I woul...


The Surprising Way Church Members Caught the Attention of the Creator of the Popular Marco Polo App

by Michelle Wilson | Fun Mormon Life

It’s 7 a.m. I grab my phone and head downstairs for a bowl of shredded Mini-Wheats. As I pour the milk, my ...


Comedians of JK! Studios Talk Humor + Plans and Goals for the Future

by Michelle Wilson | Famous Mormons Humor Fun

Big changes often require big faith. That’s definitely the case for the original 10 cast members of BYUtv’s...


7 Technological Tools to Help You Better Minister to Your Families

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

My cell phone lights up. I’m being ministered to. But it hasn’t always been like that. The early members of...


Questions About Ministering: Part 2

by Michelle Wilson

Over the years, I’ve had sisters share a number of questions and concerns with me about Relief Society, wit...