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Philadelphia’s NBC10 honors Elder Vai Sikahema with 40-minute television retirement tribute

by Morgan Jones | January 6, 2021

In May 2019, following his call as an Area Seventy in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elde...


President Nelson taught us remarkable lessons in each month of 2020. Here’s a look at what he said

by Morgan Jones | December 29, 2020

If there were any perks to 2020, one was that we all spent a little bit more time (virtually) with Presiden...


Celebrating the 40th anniversary of ‘Mr. Krueger’s Christmas’

by Morgan Jones | December 22, 2020

Watching Jimmy Stewart in the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life is a yearly holiday tradition f...


What do you see when you ‘Look!’ at the manger this Christmas?

by Morgan Jones | December 22, 2020

Editor's note: “ Resources to Follow Him ” curates study resources, teachings, and thoughts...


Watch: Calee Reed’s 5-minute fireside on what Mary’s example teaches us about aligning our will with God’s

by Morgan Jones | December 16, 2020

“Be it unto me according to thy word.” This was Mary’s reply to the angel Gabriel after h...


President Nelson interviewed by The Atlantic for ‘The Most American Religion’ article

by Morgan Jones | December 16, 2020

Visitors to The Atlantic ’s website might be surprised to see a large picture of a Latter-day Saint t...


‘We’ll go inside someday’: Memories of the Washington D.C. Temple before its annual Christmas lights festival

by Morgan Jones | December 9, 2020

My childhood memories of the temple all revolve around the Washington D.C. Temple. It was this temple that ...


Why what Moroni chose to write has everything to do with you and me

by Morgan Jones | December 1, 2020 | Lesson Helps

Editor’s note: “ Resources to follow Him ” curates study resources, teachings, and though...


Seeking healing by the waters of Bethesda: Experiences on the set of ‘The Chosen’

by Morgan Jones | November 20, 2020

There is a giant set of doors on the Church’s Motion Picture Set in Goshen, Utah, and one Friday last...


‘An American story’: Black 14’s partnership with the Church is a story ‘nobody could have written’

by Morgan Jones | November 18, 2020

Over 50 years ago, a group of University of Wyoming football players, later known as the Black 14, asked to...