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How political neutrality and social engagement coexist in the Church

by Danielle Christensen | October 26, 2020

Many US citizens have begun casting their votes prior to election day on Tuesday, November 3. But while vot...


'How are we lifting through Christ?' and more questions to ponder in your 'Come, Follow Me' study this week

by Danielle Christensen | October 20, 2020

Editor's note: “ Resources to follow Him ” curates study resources, teachings, and thoughts...


What the World Food Programme, a recent Nobel Peace Prize, and Latter-day Saints have in common

by Danielle Christensen | October 14, 2020

The World Food Programme, which has partnered with Latter-day Saint Charities for 24 years, received the No...


Video: Bishopric invites their congregation back to church with a little Billy Joel flair

by Danielle Christensen | October 9, 2020 | Fun

The Highland 19th Ward bishopric hadn’t seen their congregation in “the longest time” due...


17 inspiring and funny Twitter reactions from general conference weekend

by Danielle Christensen | October 5, 2020

General conference weekend has flown by, with messages from Church leaders that include topics such as the ...


Service animals and membership records for children of divorced parents are just 2 topics addressed in recent Church notices

by Danielle Christensen | October 1, 2020

Many notices were released for those in leadership callings over the course of September 2020. On the first...


‘Our ultimate quest in life’: New video shares President Nelson’s advice on enduring personal trials

by Danielle Christensen | September 24, 2020

A new video released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shares a powerful reminder from Pre...


Latter-day Saint Almeda Fire victim: 'We felt carried in the ways I think the Savior would carry us'

by Danielle Christensen | September 23, 2020

At least 2,357 homes in southern Oregon have been destroyed in the Almeda Fire, which is one of the 10 most...


Why the 'higher law' in 3 Nephi isn't as impossible to live as it sounds

by Danielle Christensen | September 22, 2020

Editor's note: “ Resources to follow Him ” curates study resources, teachings, and thoughts...


'We're learning a whole different way to communicate': President Ballard on connecting with Church members virtually

by Danielle Christensen | September 22, 2020

In-person ministering has been impacted by the pandemic, especially in regard to travel restrictions, close...