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Why the 'higher law' in 3 Nephi isn't as impossible to live as it sounds

by Danielle Christensen | September 22, 2020

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'We're learning a whole different way to communicate': President Ballard on connecting with Church members virtually

by Danielle Christensen | September 22, 2020

In-person ministering has been impacted by the pandemic, especially in regard to travel restrictions, close...


What Elder Holland, President Nelson, and a wildflower taught me about what's in a name

by Danielle Christensen | September 17, 2020

There’s a certain power in names. I’ve discovered this especially in nature as I’ve learn...


She has worked with Gladys Knight and just recorded an entire album of Primary songs. Here's why the music is unlike anything you've heard before

by Danielle Christensen | September 14, 2020

Heather Parker had an entire album to record, but all the studios were closed. For over a decade, Parker ha...


How facing infertility helped this mother see unexpected blessings in her own life

by Danielle Christensen | September 1, 2020

Although having children had never been a priority for her, Carena Kastello was devastated when she was fac...


Am I actually receiving revelation from the Spirit, or did I make up my answer? Here’s how to tell the difference

by Danielle Christensen | August 28, 2020

The principle of revelation can be hard to understand, especially when it comes to anxiety. How can you tel...


Sheri Dew on gratitude and grieving after the loss of her mother

by Danielle Christensen | August 27, 2020

Sheri Dew recently shared her thoughts on grief following the loss of her mother earlier this summer. Dew i...


What this week's 'Come, Follow Me' teaches us about remembering the words of the prophets

by Danielle Christensen | August 25, 2020 | Lesson Helps

Editor's note: “ Resources to follow Him ” curates study resources, teachings, and thoughts...


Rosemary Wixom on temple covenants and the spiritual symbolism of temple garments

by Danielle Christensen | August 21, 2020

Former Primary General President Rosemary Wixom was a recent guest on the Latter-day Saint Women podcast . ...


Watch: Justin and Kristi Osmond on the 'divine purpose' in the adoption of their 2 newborns

by Danielle Christensen | August 18, 2020

More than anything, Justin and Kristi Osmond wanted to start a family. After marrying a little later in lif...