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How BYU alums, professors are making pandemic healthcare more convenient and affordable

by Danielle Christensen | June 22, 2020

New needs have arisen in the medical field for healthcare practitioners and patients since the COVID-19 pan...


EFY to be held virtually this year—here's what it will be like

by Danielle Christensen | June 18, 2020

Youth who were signed up for Especially For Youth may have been wondering how to fill their time this summe...


17 historic Church sites are getting a name update. Here's why

by Danielle Christensen | June 16, 2020

Seventeen of the Church’s 26 historic sites have recently been renamed in order to “place greater emphasis ...


2 temple groundbreakings have been held in June. Here's where they're located

by Danielle Christensen | June 16, 2020

Small groundbreaking services have recently been held for two temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latt...


The Killers' Brandon Flowers sends plea to 'Father in Heaven' in 'Land of the Free' single

by Danielle Christensen | June 10, 2020

Brandon Flowers, frontman for The Killers and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ...


Missing Church history sites? Tour the Kirtland Temple online

by Danielle Christensen | June 5, 2020

Normally summer is usually a busy time of year in Kirtland, Ohio, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ ...


5 stories about what really matters in our interactions with individuals who have special needs

by Danielle Christensen | June 3, 2020

The June 2020 Ensign   is full of stories on the topic of those with special needs and circumstances. ...


Couple collects, donates first-edition copies of the Book of Mormon in all 149 translations to BYU Library

by Danielle Christensen | June 1, 2020

Latter-day Saint couple Carolyn Potter Ingersoll and her husband, William Boley Ingersoll, recently donated...


What Elder Gong has learned about staying connected while social distancing

by Danielle Christensen

This may be a time of social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect with each other.  As p...


How a promise from Sister Ardeth Kapp was fulfilled years after it was made

by Danielle Christensen

It’s been 150 years since the founding of the Young Women organization. On May 25, 1870, President Brigham ...