"Written by Haley Lundberg"

5 meaningful Easter celebrations you can take part in this year

by Haley Lundberg | March 5, 2021

As winter weather starts to fade away and give way into spring, the earth signals new life. That same patte...


Why there were only 6 founding members of the Church and more facts about the historic event

by Haley Lundberg | March 4, 2021

Many of this year's Come, Follow Me lessons could be considered history lessons as much as they are tea...


Watch ‘Jane and Emma’ for free this weekend in honor of Black History Month

by Haley Lundberg | February 26, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, the groundbreaking Latter-day Saint feature film, Jane and Emma,  wil...


Young Women and Young Men General Presidencies answer ‘Real Questions’ from youth in new series

by Haley Lundberg | February 11, 2021

LDS Living  is excited to announce a special youth edition of our “Real Questions” video s...


I became a new mom during the pandemic. Here’s how I’ve found peace and connection

by Haley Lundberg | January 28, 2021

After years of trying to grow our family, we welcomed a healthy baby boy last May. Never in my wildest drea...


What is tithing money actually spent on?

by Haley Lundberg | January 25, 2021

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are asked to pay one-tenth of our income ...


Last-minute Christmas gifts for anyone left on your list

by Haley Lundberg | December 17, 2020

With all the challenges that came with 2020, you've probably noticed most online retailers have announc...


9 ways to make your home more peaceful this Christmas

by Haley Lundberg | December 15, 2020

In many ways, Christmas can be a chaotic and stressful time for families, but it certainly doesn’t ha...


10 things to teach your child before they become a deacon or young woman

by Haley Lundberg | December 8, 2020

At the end of each year, Church youth leaders are asked to hold a Temple and Priesthood Preparation meeting...


New John Bytheway Christmas book featured as December LDS Living Book Club pick

by Haley Lundberg | November 28, 2020

When we think about Christmas, the joy of giving may not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Bu...