"Written by Emily Abel"

What is it like being an extra on set during the depiction of Christ’s visit to the Americas?

by Emily Abel | July 28, 2021

“Excuse me, are you someone I can share a testimony with? I feel I really need to,” a woman&rsq...


Once an atheist, this ICU doctor now feels a divine call to 'help people feel more like humans and less like patients'

by Emily Abel | July 28, 2021

Samuel M. Brown is no stranger to the critical care unit. For years he’d been the doctor: donning a w...


They were toddlers when their photo went viral. Now these adorable cousins are getting baptized

by Emily Abel | July 27, 2021

Five years ago, two Latter-day Saint Tongan toddlers stole the hearts of thousands when this adorable photo...


This Latter-day Saint runs in Crocs—and now a former Russian Olympian might too. Here’s how it could help spread the gospel

by Emily Abel | July 24, 2021

Benjamin Pachev hit the ground running after his mission—literally.  He arrived home to Utah aft...


Brother Brad Wilcox meets pioneering Ethiopian family, shares how living in Africa shaped his career and testimony

by Emily Abel | July 22, 2021

A little over a month ago, LDS Living published a story about Betty Zermariam and Woudneh Redahegn , a rema...


What the low water levels at Lake Powell taught me about Moses, dry ground, and God’s thoroughness

by Emily Abel | July 16, 2021

I had some choice words for my flip-flops.  My friends and I were only 10 minutes into a hike off the ...


How a run honoring Parley P. Pratt's 1839 jailbreak became a Missouri community's First Amendment celebration

by Emily Abel | July 2, 2021

Editor's note: This article originally ran on LDS Living in July 2020. The Parley P. Pratt Freedom Run ...


How one artist chose which names to print on stunning sculpture, 'Upon the Palms of My Hands'

by Emily Abel | June 17, 2021

“All are Alike unto God.” For months, Kody Keller pondered over those words—the theme of ...


What does it mean that Eve was created from Adam’s rib? Elder and Sister Holland and others answer

by Emily Abel | June 8, 2021

On June 7, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shared on Facebook that he and his wife, Patricia, were sharing their 5...


‘Not a coincidence’: How one Ethiopian couple found each other and the Church, becoming modern-day pioneers

by Emily Abel | June 7, 2021

Rochelle Sellers sat in the Tokyo Japan Temple, slowly rocking a baby all dressed in white. In a room nearb...