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Indoor Camping Trip

by Ashley Evanson | Activities

Setting up Camp Whether you choose to set up camp in your living room or bedroom, make sure to pack sleepin...


Would You Vote for Someone Just Because They’re Mormon?

by Ashley Evanson | LDS Living Blog Hot Topics

Buzz about the 2012 presidential election is already in full swing. But with no real Republican front-runne...


Christmas with the Prophets

by Ashley Evanson | People Holidays

Most people don’t know that President Brigham Young celebrated Christmas by throwing a huge dance party, or...


The Anthropology of Food

by Ashley Evanson | LDS Living Blog

LDS Living featured an article called International Cookie Plate yesterday with recipes gathered from Churc...


The 12 Days of Christmas Romance

by Ashley Evanson | Marriage & Relationships

Let the 12 Days of Christmas make your holiday season a little more romantic. Here are some ideas to show y...


An Evening of High-Class (and Low Prices)

by Ashley Evanson | Marriage & Relationships

Symphony and style : Dress up in your most elegant attire and attend the symphony. Tickets are generally a ...


Recycling Halloween Candy

by Ashley Evanson | Activities Holidays

Dentists and fitness centers must have invented Halloween, because with all of that candy lying around the ...

Good to Know

by Ashley Evanson | Self Improvement

Knowing important numbers, medical facts, and other vital information about yourself makes life easier and ...

Anniversary Gifts with a Twist

by Ashley Evanson | Marriage & Relationships

No one knows exactly how the traditional anniversary gift list came to be, but we do know it contains some ...

Pinching Vacation Pennies

by Ashley Evanson | Travel Tips

Stress and economic fear are strangers to no one these days. Most people could use a relaxing vacation righ...