"Written by Dr. Robert Jones"

Breaking the Junk Food Habit

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

I was talking to a patient the other day and she asked me this question:  if she had to give up one fo...


Health Quiz: What Is Women's Biggest Complaint?

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

1. What is the most common health complaint of women in the U.S. today? a. being overweight b. heart diseas...


What's Wrong With This Woman?

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

Sherrie is 42 years old. She came to our clinic with the following health concerns: fatigue, anxiety, sugar...


Overweight and Frustrated?

by Dr. Robert Jones

I have seen literally thousands of patients that want to lose weight . . . and keep it off. Here is my summ...


How Badly Do <I>You</I> Want to Lose Weight?

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

Most of the women we see at the Utah Wellness Institute want to lose weight. Sometimes it’s what I call “va...


Can You Pass This Health Quiz?

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

1.  Which of the following is the worst part about drinking soda pop? a) the sugar or sweetener (Aspar...


Draggin’, Saggin’, and Naggin’: When Hormones Drive You Crazy

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

Why that title? I tried to pack as much meaning into it as I could. It also makes people laugh . . . at fir...


“I Feel Terrible . . . in Spurts.”

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

A patient of mine told me she "felt terrible in spurts" recently when she came in for her initial hormone c...


Women's 2012 Health Quiz

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

1. If you can’t lose weight no matter what you do, what should you have your doctor check?   a. your c...


Did You Get BLASTed?

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

The holiday “eating frenzy” is here. I hope you don’t get “BLASTed.” That’s an acronym we use in our weight...