"Written by Jordan Marie Williams"

Teaching Tots to Cook

by Jordan Marie Williams | Parenting

Once you’ve got the sauce simmering and the water boiling, you remember that Nicole has only four tee...

Retreat For Girls

by Jordan Marie Williams | People

Katie Smith, a mother of three, recognizes the importance of this fragile time in girls’ lives. Beehives ar...

Being Anxiously Engaged

by Jordan Marie Williams | FHE

Use this lesson to help your family shower others with smiling service and make goals as a family to do spe...


Beyond the Basic Bridal Shower

by Jordan Marie Williams | Weddings

With so many different ideas for bridal shower themes, games, and tips, planning one could make life even m...

Adopting an Attitude of Unconditional Love

by Jordan Marie Williams | People LDS Life

The children have disabilities ranging from Spina Bifida to Downs Syndrome. Many are tube-fed and use wheel...

Preparing for an Emergency

by Jordan Marie Williams | Preparedness

Church leaders have advised members to prepare spiritually by fasting, praying, having family home evening,...