"Written by Kaela Worthen Gardner"

Exotic Pizza Recipes

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Cauliflower crust? Zucchini crust? Berries as a topping? Egg on a pizza? Sounds pretty crazy, right? But ta...


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A recent study by Bankrate.com found that 28 percent of Americans have no emergency savings at all, and 49 ...


The LDS Church in Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea is a country rife with rich variety. Over 600 islands make up just 10 percent of the count...


{LDSL Blog} What Will You Do When You're Older?

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It's the classic question. "What do you want to do when you grow up?" I remember my responses: author, edit...


{Lifestyle} Fab Five: Mormon Humor

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There's a lot of great Mormon humor out there, but these are our current favorites. You might have seen us ...


{Poll} Sandals in Church?

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In the October 2005 General Conference, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland addressed the young women of the Church sp...


{Food Dish} Ultimate Guide: Dip Recipes

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I love dip recipes. There's some sort of harmony in that they're all served in a bowl with some sort of oth...


{Poll} The Wedding Thank-you

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It's a given that thank-you cards should be sent when people come to your wedding and give you gifts. But t...


{Poll} Technology Boundaries for Kids?

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Growing up, the most advanced technology I had was a Super Nintendo that my mother begrudgingly allowed us ...


{Lifestyle} Making General Conference Last

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Once upon a time, a bunch of chickens got together for a big flying convention. Every day, they were taught...