"Written by Jamie Lawson"

Breaking Down Barriers

by Kate Ensign-Lewis and Jamie Lawson | Global View Hot Topics

Many were stunned by the fall of the Wall, but the event was far from sudden; people from all walks of life...


From Homemaker to Breadwinner: Tips for Women Who Suddenly Have to Support Their Families

by Jamie Lawson

Economic downturn, divorce, or a spouse’s illness or death can force a homemaker into the job market withou...

Faith and Fantasy: The Art of James C. Christensen

by Jamie Lawson | People

With every stroke of his brush, James C. Christensen is fast becoming one of the world's most beloved artis...

Lost and Found

by Jamie Lawson | People

For nearly twenty years Troy Dunn has been helping people reconnect with lost loved ones, and each case is ...

Your Vote Counts

by Jamie Lawson | Hot Topics

Civic responsibility is not a new concept for Latter-day Saints. Church leaders have stressed its importanc...

Rising Stars

by Jamie Lawson | People

As members of the Church, we are urged to improve upon our natural talents, as well as develop new ones--st...

Michael McLean Celebrates 25 Years of Music

by Jamie Lawson | People

Since that time he has released two dozen albums and a new anthology fittingly called 25, which features so...

Mitt Romney: Running on Faith

by Jamie Lawson

From his chiseled good looks and astonishing success in the business world to his traditional family values...

Because I Have Been Given Much

by Jamie Lawson | Self Improvement

LDS Philanthropies, which serves as the central coordinating agency for all donations to the Church or its ...


How Glenn Beck Became a Latter-day Saint

by Jamie Lawson | Famous Mormons

Glenn Beck is arguably one of the most influential Latter-day Saints in the media today. Broadcast on more ...