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{A&E} Preparing for Retirement . . . and Senior Missions

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

If you’ve listened, watched, or attended General Conference the last couple of years, you’ll probably notic...


{A&E} Real-life Angels

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

I'm guessing most of you remember Elder Holland's talk on "angels" from October 2008. It was one of my favo...


{A&E} Sister Elaine Dalton: Just As Amazing in Person

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

Sister Elaine Dalton, general Young Women president, recently published a book entitled A Return to Virtue ...


{A&E} Rare Photo of a Young Pres. Uchtdorf Discovered

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

Did you know there is only one picture of President and Sister Uchtdorf as young newlyweds? The catch is, h...


{Lifestyle} Summer Activities for Kids

by Ashley Jones | Lifestyle

Are your kids bored? Here are a few fun summer activities for the family.  One perk of being one of th...


{Lifestyle} Grammar Quiz

by Ashley Jones | Lifestyle

Pop quiz: Which one is correct: nuclear or nucular? I bet you’ve heard both versions, but nuclear is the wi...


Independent LDS film goes national

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

Utah isn’t the only state with recent access to movies the LDS culture might appreciate. Excel Entertainmen...


{A&E} My Afternoon with David Archuleta

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

Ashley Jones is pictured on the far right. How many of you have heard a song by David Archuleta? How many o...


{A&E} Not Just Another Trek Story

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

What’s the first thing you think of when I say the word “trek”? Pioneer? Handcart? Bonnet? Hot summer? Free...


{Lifestyle} Sunscreen, Please!

by Ashley Jones | Health Lifestyle

Question: When did tan skin become the “in” thing? Can you pin a date or time period on it? Chinese women d...