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Sponsored: Get your game on with BYUtv

by BYUtv

They say a family that plays together stays together, but what about a family that plays together on nation...


Sponsored: BYUtv's Newest Faith-Based Show

by BYUtv

While there isn’t much to be done about social distancing and staying home, you can choose a new kind of TV...


Sponsored: BYUtv General Conference Weekend Sneak Peeks

by BYUtv

Find out what new shows are coming your way general conference weekend. General conference is almost here! ...


Sponsored: BYUradio Offers New Come, Follow Me Resources

by BYUtv

The Come, Follow Me program has given families and individuals a great framework for studying the gospel in...


LDS Author of "Ender's Game" Creating New Sci-Fi Series for BYUtv

by BYUtv | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

BYUtv recently announced the launch of its second original scripted drama series, Extinct , set to premiere...


New BYUtv Show Is Unexpected Mashup of Family History Meets Reality TV

by Michelle Prince, BYUtv | Humor Fun Mormon Life

HI! YOU DON’T KNOW US, BUT WE’RE RELATED…CAN WE STAY AT YOUR HOUSE? Welcome to Relative Race, BYUtv’s first...


Sheri Dew Discusses Faith in Hollywood with Producers of "Narnia," "Braveheart," More

by LDS Living & BYUtv | Mormon Life

Sheri Dew—LDS author and speaker—will host an uplifting new special on BYUtv called Sheri Dew Presents: Bel...


SPONSORED: BYUtv's Original Drama Series Granite Flats Returns for 2nd Season

by BYUtv | Mormon Life

Season 2 of the Cold War Drama Premieres April 6.  PROVO, UT—Following a highly successful premiere in...


Chicken Tacos by BYUtv's Food Nanny

by BYUtv's Food Nanny | Recipes

Enjoy this recipe from BYUtv’s Food Nanny, Liz Edmunds. The Food Nanny is a new reality makeover show that ...