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20 Ways to Unplug from TV

by Ashton Kelly and Emily McClure | Hot Topics Tips

The television is on for 6 hours and 47 minutes each day in the average American home, adding up to 250 bil...


LDS man is 'World's Most Embarrassing Dad'

by Emily McClure - LDS Living | Everything Else

American Fork, Utah, has nearly 30,000 residents, but only one of those residents can claim the title of “W...


{Single Saints} Dating Mythbusters, Part 2

by Emily McClure | Single Saints

Last week we started exploring the wiles girls use to get guys to like them in Dating Mythbusters, Part 1. ...


{Single Saints} Dating Mythbusters: Part 1

by Emily McClure | Single Saints

Click here to read part 2. I remember watching Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and asking my moth...


{Lifestyle} Fab Five: Things to do with Used Glass

by Emily McClure | Lifestyle

Photo from  Treasure Again . Try this inexpensive and classy way of lighting up your garden at night, ...


Czech Republic gives prestigious award to LDS couple

by Emily McClure | Everything Else

Richard and Barbara Winder, residents of South Jordan, Utah, have just become the first Utahns to receive t...


Alex Boye's American dream comes true with U.S. citizenship

by Emily McClure - LDS Living | Mormons We Know

The American dream—it’s an evolving concept that covers anything from the Leave It to Beaver house on 211 P...


{A&E} Divine Digitization: LDS E-books

by Emily McClure | Arts & Entertainment

I remember when I first learned about the joy of e-books. Up until the year 2009, I’d been only slightly in...


{A&E} Listen to This: The New Flow of Mercy River

by Emily McClure | Arts & Entertainment

Remember when Gladys Knight, the lead singer of rhythm and blues band The Pips, added LDS inspirational hym...


RootsTech Conference brings genealogy to digital age

by Emily McClure | Everything Else

The parents and grandparents of this generation know better than anyone how quickly technology can evolve. ...