"Written by Emily Watts"

2 Latter-day Saint women on the eternal, but difficult, call to nurture

by Emily Watts and Zandra Vranes, excerpted from "All Kinds of Mothers" | Makes You Think

This story originally ran in the   July/August 2020 issue of LDS Living .     Women—whether ...


My Daughter's Car Crash Right Before Her Mission and the Powerful Lesson God Taught Me

by Emily Watts | Mormon Life

The following story originally ran on  LDS Living  in August 2016. Sometimes I assume Heavenly Fa...


You Know You're Getting Older When These 10 Things Happen at Church

by Emily Watts | Humor Mormon Life

We have lived in the same ward practically our whole married life (38 years), and although I have to acknow...


Because of Mary's Baby Boy, We'll Have Our Baby Boy Again

by Emily Watts via Time Out for Women | Makes You Think Mormon Life

What a beautiful testament of our Savior and eternal families. My feelings about Christmas pretty much para...


Motherhood: Why the Hard Is What Makes It Great

by Emily Watts, excerpted from "I Hate It When Exercise Is the Answer" | Makes You Think

We have quite a transient ward, with lots of apartment units and young families, and it's difficult to put ...


The Parable of the Big Cookie: What I Learned About Making Assumptions at Church

by Emily Watts | Fun Makes You Think

Here is the ridiculous and ineffective way in which I live my life: if I have treats within my reach, I eat...


The Problem with Mother's Day Gifts at Church

by Emily Watts | Makes You Think

My children are now all of the age where male-female relationships play a prominent role, and watching them...


{A&E} Deseret Book Editor Review: 'Increase in Learning' by Elder David A. Bednar

by Emily Watts | Arts & Entertainment

I’ve been in the LDS publishing industry a long time, so a lot of books have washed over me through the yea...


Snow Woes

by Emily Watts | Around the House

A beautiful blanket of white covered the graying world, gathering light from the full moon and reflecting i...

Fat Boy Ice Cream and the Gender Gap

by Emily Watts | LDS Life

Now, many years later, I've seen the research that suggests men's brains are structured differently from wo...