"Written by Erin Hallstrom"

Listen: How Talking with Two Single Latter-day Saint Men Proved My Assumptions Wrong

by Erin Hallstrom

What does it look like to be a single man in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2019? What ...


5 Ways the Church Is More Fun in Hawaii

by Erin Hallstrom | Fun Mormon Life

Chances are you have heard someone utter the phrase: “the Church is the same everywhere.” I have traveled q...


When Mother's Day Is Hard: A 40-Year-Old Single Woman's Thoughts

by Erin Hallstrom | Makes You Think Mormon Life

"I worry some of us treat Mother’s Day as a litmus test to measure our value as a woman. It is a judgment d...


My Experience in the Conference Center During the Opposing Vote

by Erin Hallstrom | News from Utah Makes You Think

Photo from lds.org Thanks to my job, I am pretty plugged into LDS happenings. I was well aware of the stron...


How to Stay Awake in Church

by Erin Hallstrom

Let me make something clear from the get-go: I don’t think church is boring. At least, not usually. Admitte...


{LDSL Blog} What Is a Utah Mormon?

by Erin Hallstrom | LDS Living Blog

I am not a “Utah Mormon.”  Or am I? Honestly, I don’t really know since I don’t know how to clearly de...


{A&E} App of the Week: Feast and Famine

by Erin Hallstrom | Arts & Entertainment

I can’t remember the first time I heard the term “app” but I do remember not having any idea what people we...


How BYU-Hawaii Students are Changing the World

by Erin Hallstrom

*Editor's note: This is an excerpt from "From This Place." Read the full article in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue ...

{A&E} "Clean" Comedy

by Erin Hallstrom | Arts & Entertainment

When I was in college (BYU in the mid 90’s) the big thing to do on the weekend was to watch improv shows.&n...


Why I Will Commit to Seeing a Doctor this Year: And learning when it is perfectly appropriate to touch a stranger's neck.

by Erin Hallstrom | Health LDS Living Blog

Last November my sister was on a trip-of-a-lifetime to the Middle East.  She was 31-years-old and look...