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Eva Witesman: What if what we’re really missing in isolation is spiritual presence?

by Eva Witesman | August 20, 2020 | Makes You Think

The most important lesson I have learned from COVID-19 is the tangible reality of spiritual presence and th...


Eva Witesman: Is Mother's Day Only for Those Who Have Borne Children?

by Eva Witesman

What does it mean that Eve was called the mother of all living before she had children —before, some suspec...


Eva Witesman: 4 Ways to Avoid "Sleeping through the Restoration"

by Eva Witesman | Makes You Think

In the priesthood session of the April 2014 general conference, then-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf posed a q...


Eva Witesman: Why I Love the "Raucous Reverence" of Our Family's Nativity Reenactment

by Eva Witesman

Every Christmas, my family reads the story of Jesus’ birth from the second chapter of Luke. Before we start...


Eva Witesman: Wearing White to a Baptism

by Eva Witesman | Makes You Think Mormon Life

We pulled into the parking stall 10 minutes early for the baptism. As we prepared to get out, we saw that r...


Eva Witesman: Of Signs, Prayers, and Puppies

by Eva Witesman | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As I watch the fledgling faith of my children grow, it is hard to teach the parallel truths that miracles a...


Eva Witesman: Are We Looking for Magic When We Should Be Looking for Miracles?

by Eva Witesman

We are a people of miracles. Every week, perhaps every day, we read stories of miraculous events in the scr...


Why Strong Mormon Women Stay in the Church

by Eva Witesman | Makes You Think Mormon Life

"Why do strong women stay in the Church? I cannot answer this question for anyone else. But I can answer it...