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Sponsored: Classical piano for the Sabbath Day

by Heidi Randall for Garth Smith Music | July 1, 2020

2019 “Inspirational Artist of the Year”* pianist/arranger Garth Smith is pleased to announce the release of...


LDS Pianist Garth Smith Releases Touching Adoption Video

by Garth Smith (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

LDS pianist Garth Smith announces the release of his music video Families Can Be Together Forever , featuri...


LDS Pianist Releases New CD of Beautiful Inspirational Music

by Sponsored By Garth Smith | News from Utah

To find out about booking (no charge) Garth's Christ-centered fireside, "The Hymns: Another Witness of Jesu...


SPONSORED: New LDS Pianist Garth Smith's CD "Sacred Hymns" Touches Hearts

by Garth Smith | News from Utah

"Once-in-a-while someone comes along and I feel compelled/prompted to share their message. New LDS artist/p...