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#LightTheWorld Campaign Aids Local Charities: Find Out How Your Efforts Benefited Those in Need

by Greyson Gurley | February 27, 2020 | From the Church

Many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated in last year’s Church fundrais...


New Study Finds That Latter-day Saint College Students Create Appreciation Among Their Classmates

by Greyson Gurley | February 25, 2020

In what has been dubbed as the “great intervention” by researcher Dr. Matthew Mayhew, every fall young adul...


Tabernacle Choir Announces 2020 "Messiah" Concert Soloists, Find Out How to Get Tickets

by Greyson Gurley | February 24, 2020 | Fun

George Frideric Handel’s famous oratorio Messiah was first performed in 1742 and has been performed by The ...


This Week from the Pulpit: "You Are Infinitely Important, God Does Know You" Elder Uchtdorf Details the Importance of Everyone in the Eyes of God

by Greyson Gurley | February 21, 2020 | Makes You Think

Editor's note: " This Week from the Pulpit " highlights recent messages by General Authorities and General ...


Latter-day Saint Researchers Find that Trying to Get Your Steps in Might Be in Vain

by Greyson Gurley | February 19, 2020 | Makes You Think

When is the last time you've heard someone (or maybe even yourself) say, “Got to get my 10,000 steps in tod...


Sister Oaks Gives the Inside Scoop on What to Expect at the Next Face to Face

by Greyson Gurley | February 19, 2020

Want a sneak peek into the next Face to Face?  In a new video, President Jean B. Bingham, Relief Socie...


The Creation of One "Beautifully Consecrated Soul": How One Man Merges the Titles of Disciple and Scholar

by Greyson Gurley | February 15, 2020

It can be easy for us to separate versions of ourselves, depending with whose company we are in or the plac...


Serving with Schizophrenia: Learning What It Means to Sacrifice a Widow's Mite

by Greyson Gurley | February 12, 2020 | Makes You Think

Oftentimes, it seems that those struggling with mental illnesses have a stigma around them when what they r...


"There Is a Place for You": How a Single Message of Peace Helped One Woman Combat Depression

by Greyson Gurley | February 8, 2020

Courtney Rich was jokingly referred to by her family as “president of the happy club," so when she first ex...


This Week from the Pulpit: "Ask of God" Why and How We Can Connect with the Divine

by Greyson Gurley | February 7, 2020

Editor's note: " This Week from the Pulpit " highlights recent messages by General Authorities and General ...