"Written by Jane Clayson Johnson"

How to Respond to Depression as a Spouse

by Jane Clayson Johnson, excerpted from "Silent Souls Weeping" | Makes You Think

More than 12years ago, I read a touching post on a popular blog about everything the writer had done wrong ...


Jane Clayson Johnson Tackles Stigmas of Depression and Perfectionism in the Church

by Jane Clayson Johnson | Makes You Think

You begin the book with an open and frank exploration of your own harrowing journey through depression. Was...


How We Can Dispel Mental Illness Myths + The Story Behind the "Mental Health Hymn"

by Jane Clayson Johnson, excerpted from "Silent Souls Weeping: Depression—Sharing Stories, Finding Hope" | Makes You Think

This story originally appeared in the  January/February 2019 issue  of  LDS Living magazine ...

I Am a Mother

by Jane Clayson Johnson | Parenting

The men in the room confidently and appropriately stated their professional achievements, which were impres...