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How Primary Leaders Can Help Children with Developmental Disabilities

by Julie Christensen | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Children with disabilities can be found in every Primary. How can we meet the needs of all the children in ...


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Preschoolers

by Julie Christensen | Activities Parenting

The prospect of a long winter stuck inside brought out the grizzly bear in all of us. We missed visiting wi...


Gingerbread Service

by Julie Christensen | Activities Holidays

A few years ago, we received a huge gingerbread house from friends during the Christmas season. I had recen...

Top 10 Water Safety Rules for Kids

by Julie Christensen | Tips

Stay away from open water in your neighborhood, including ditches, lakes, and drains. Never enter a backyar...

Water Know-how

by Julie Christensen | Tips

According to Kids Health, nearly one thousand kids drown each year in the United States, and most of those ...