"Written by Neal A. Maxwell"

New Book Series About the Book of Mormon by Maxwell Institute to Release in 2020

by J. Spencer Fluhman, executive director, Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Just in time for the Church's 2020 Sunday school curriculum focused on the Book of Mormon, the Neal A. Maxw...


The Story Behind When a 16th Apostle Was Called

by Bruce C. Hafen, excerpted from "A Disciple’s Life: The Biography of Neal A. Maxwell" | Mormon Life

  It’s unlikely that anyone in the Church (except for the apostles) anticipated that Neal A. Maxwell w...


SPONSORED: Great New Book from Neal A. Maxwell Institute--Letters to a Young Mormon

by Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship | News from Utah

This book is unlike anything ever written for a young Latter-day Saint audience. Although author Adam S. Mi...

Young Women Lesson 40: Health Care in the Home

by Neal A. Maxwell | Young Women

The Young Women manual suggests that this lesson be considered for a weekday activity instead of a Sunday l...

The Miracle of Forgiveness (Spencer W. Kimball 4)

by Neal A. Maxwell, "Repentance," Ensign, Nov. 1991, 30

This article from Elder Maxwell is a lesson help for  Chapter 4: The Miracle of Forgiveness  from...

Lesson 1: "That Ye Might Believe That Jesus Is the Christ"

by Neal A. Maxwell, "The New Testament--A Matchless Portrait of the Savior," Ensign, Dec. 1986, 20 | Sunday School

Occasionally, a few in the Church let the justified caveat about the Bible--"as far as it is translated cor...

YW Lesson 47: Encouraging the Development of Talents

by Neal A. Maxwell, "Start Making Chips," New Era, Sept. 1998, 4 | Young Women

Someone once said to a hesitant, prospective woodcarver who didn't know quite how to begin, "Start making s...

Lesson 2: "Thou Wast Chosen Before Thou Wast Born"

by Neal A. Maxwell, But for a Small Moment. | Sunday School

. "Called and Prepared from the Foundation of the World" O ne unique and powerful doctrine earlier restored...

Developing a Christlike Character (David O. McKay Lesson 23)

by Neal A. Maxwell, Even As I Am. | Relief Society/Priesthood

Even As I Am W ith fresh affirmation of the commandment having been given in our time, striving to become l...

Agency and Responsibility (David O. McKay Lesson 22)

by Neal A. Maxwell, One More Strain of Praise | Relief Society/Priesthood

A mong the especially powerful, restored doctrines of the kingdom, and one worthy of much more of our ponde...