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SPONSORED: “Miracle Molecule” Saves Heart-Diseased LDS Man

by Steve DeVore (Sponsored)

For more information, click here . Medical researchers at the University of Florida called it the “miracle ...


Sponsored: Adam and Eve: The World’s First Hunters and Gatherers: We’ve Inherited Their Genetic Metabolism

by Dr. Steve DeVore (Sponsored)

When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden they became the world’s first hunters and gatherers. “Cursed ...


Former BYU and NFL Football Greats Find Relief in “Miracle Molecule”

by Steve DeVore (Sponsored)

Can This Nobel Prize Winning “Spark of Life” Molecule Renew Your Health and Revitalize Your Life Too? Colle...


The Spiritual Roots of Weight Control: An Interview with Steve DeVore by Melissa Anderson

by Steve Devore (Sponsored)

An Interview with Steve DeVore by Melissa Anderson Steven DeVore is the founder of SyberVision Systems and ...


Brain Food: Eating, Not Dieting, the Key to Lasting Weight Loss?

by Steve Devore (Sponsored)

Why are some people who start a weight loss regimen that requires months of commitment able to start and fi...


God's Food: A Word of Wisdom Perspective

by Steve DeVore (Sponsored)

August 24, 2001: It was two weeks before we were scheduled to go to Yemen to film the Book of Mormon docume...