"Written by Tommy Johnson"

Take a Photo Walk Through Temple Square Changes from 1855 to Today

by Tommy Johnson and Jannalee Sandau | Fun

As announced earlier this year , beginning on December 29, 2019, the Salt Lake Temple will be closed for re...


4 Ways Latter-day Saints May Be More Familiar with Hanukkah Than They Realize

by Tommy Johnson

Hanukkah is a popular holiday, but many Latter-day Saints may not know much about the celebration's history...


“Adversity Is a Great Connector”: BYU Football Honors Husband, Father Diagnosed with ALS

by Tommy Johnson

Christopher Clark, a husband, father, and theater director, was recently honored by the BYU football team a...


When God Is the Storm

by Tommy Johnson | Makes You Think

The earliest story recorded in the Book of Mormon is about a prophet named Mahonri, better known as the bro...


Altanta-based Network Releases New Series on the Church, Shares Inspiring Story of Local Seventy

by Tommy Johnson

On Friday, November 16, the Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (AIB) Network released the first episode of its...


The Remarkable Woman Behind the Song "As Sisters in Zion" + the Prophetic Promise She Fulfilled

by Tommy Johnson | Mormon Life

“On one of these occasions Brother Halliday blessed me and confirmed upon me the promise that I should writ...


BYU, Liberty Football Teams Play—and Pray—Together in First Game Between Christian Schools

by Tommy Johnson

Just after playing 60 minutes of competitive football, Liberty and Brigham Young University players met at ...


How Jesus Christ Shows Us What Masculinity Truly Means

by Tommy Johnson | Makes You Think Lesson Helps

“Fleshliness never was manliness, and it never will be," Elder Carlos E. Asay taught . "A real man is one w...


What God Taught Me at a Women-Witnessed Sealing

by Tommy Johnson | Makes You Think Mormon Life

September 24, 2019, is now the best day of my life. That afternoon, I was married and sealed to my smart, f...


If You Think You've Messed Up God's Plan for You, Read This

by Tommy Johnson | Makes You Think Mormon Life

To anyone who thinks they’ve messed up God’s plan for them—you have not. More importantly, you cannot. God ...