"Written by Vera Taylor"

Why I’m Sick of Learning Experiences: A Message for Single Saints

by Vera Taylor | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I recently went through a pretty significant breakup. Significant because over the course of the relationsh...


Why You Should Wear Your Wedding Ring

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I’m just going to say it: Married people should wear wedding rings. Hear me out.  As a single woman in...


3 Words People Should Stop Saying to Singles

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A little while ago I went on a date with a new guy. He was very nice and polite, active in Church, good-loo...


6 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

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I love Thanksgiving. What could be better than giving thanks and eating good food with our families? I was ...


{Single Saints} The "Indoorsy" Type

by Vera Taylor | Single Saints

To start, a disclaimer: I like the outdoors. I do. I am not agoraphobic or anything. I like to take walks a...


{Single Saints} Being Single Is Easy (or, Lessons Learned from Gidget's Mom)

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You know what is really easy? Being single. Yes, there are some things you have to deal with as a single pe...


{Single Saints} Is Success the Kiss of Death for a Single Woman?

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I have a good job and recently got a promotion at work. Shortly after the promotion was public I ran i...


{Single Saints} E-mail Dating: An Impossible Proposition?

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There have been several times in my life where I’ve been set up over email. Always it is because the guy li...


{Single Saints} The Slow Cooker Breakup Method

by Vera Taylor

I am horrible at breaking up with people. (I mean really, really bad at it.) One thing I know about myself ...


{Single Saints} How My Life Is Like a Chick Flick

by Vera Taylor | Single Saints

My life the past, oh, 15 years has felt a little like one (really long) chick flick. Or more specifically, ...