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BYU Professor Gives Lady Liberty a Makeover, Designs 24-Karat Collectors Coin

by BYU News | Mormon Life

MR says: A BYU illustration professor is changing the way the world sees lady liberty with a new coin ...


BYU Research: Mental Health Apps Are a Cheap, Effective Self-Help Tool

by BYU News | Mormon Life

According to BYU research, apps used to track diet, exercise, or mental health can actually be great self-h...

Artist of the Prophets: A BYU Professor's Work

by BYU News | Arts & Entertainment


BYU ranks 11th in eyes of recruiters, says The Wall Street Journal

by BYU News | News from Utah

BYU is ranked No. 11 in the country for schools whose graduates were the top-rated by recruiters, The Wall ...

Behind the Scenes of BYU Student Emmy-winning Film

by BYU News | Arts & Entertainment


The Mormon Who Just Won a 2016 Grammy Award

by BYU News | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Over 25 years after his death, BYU graduate and sound-recording pioneer Harvey Fletcher was recognized for ...


How LDS Artists Are Helping to Create a Side of Charlie Brown No One Has Ever Seen Before

by BYU News | Humor Fun Mormon Life

MR says: Many BYU graduates and Latter-day Saints have been working diligently on the  Peanuts movie, ...


Giving SIDS the bootie: BYU invention alerts parents if baby stops breathing

by BYU News | Everything Else

Every parent worries about their baby. They worry while it’s eating, while it’s playing—and especially whil...


BYU Education Week to Run August 18-22

by BYU News | News from Utah

Elder David A. Bednar to give Devotional address on Tuesday, August 19 BYU’s Campus Education Week, one of ...


BYU professors: obesity starts in infancy

by BYU News | Everything Else

In the long run, encouraging a baby to finish the last ounce in their bottle might be doing more harm than ...