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Is Nothing Sacred? Thoughts on Mormon Undergarments

by Religion News Service | Opinions & Features

It is not uncommon for Latter-day Saints to hear jokes, ridicule and derisive remarks about the sacred unde...


Bible Meets Twitter in LDS Author's New Book, 'The Twible'

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Nearly every home has at least one Bible, although few read it. But 16 percent of Americans log on to Twitt...


Missionaries Pound Italian Pavements with Chalk

by Religion News Service | News from Utah Fun

For the past eight months, young Mormon missionaries have trekked to a busy corner of Via Rizzoli and Via C...


New Survey Shows Which Mormons Are Not Watching General Conference

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Here are some interesting findings on Church members who view general conference and those who don't. In&nb...


What I Learned from Reading the Book of Mormon SLOWLY

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How would you like to spend eight hours a day studying and talking about a single chapter of the Book of Mo...


Thank You Stalwart Members

by Religion News Service | Mormon Life

Tomorrow it’s our ward’s turn to clean the church building, and I won’t be there. I had intended to go. It’...


Why Are Mormon Baby Names So Unique?

by Religion News Service | Fun Mormon Life

On March 3, 2012,  Saturday Night Live  aired a skit featuring cast members impersonating Mi...


LDS Creator of Despicable Me Talks About His Faith

by Religion News Service | Famous Mormons

Excerpt from an interview Religion News Service conducted with Cinco Paul, screenwriter of Despicable Me . ...


LDS Mom Rejoins Popular 'Celtic Women' Music Ensemble

by Religion News Service | News from Utah

Roll out the emerald-green carpet. During May and June, Irish singer Alex Sharpe will rejoin the popular gr...


My Daughter Isn't a Mormon Anymore

by Religion News Service | Makes You Think Mormon Life

MR says: There are many reasons for a loved one to leave the Church, and there are just as many ways we can...