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Collaboration of Jewish Center and LDS Institute Builds Friendship

by | Official Church Info

From May through August 2011, there could be found at the Tucson Arizona LDS Institute of Religion an inter...


Temple Worship Anciently vs. Today

by | What We Believe

Presenting information from accounts of the appearance of Solomon’s temple, Ann M. Madsen of the Sunday Sch...

LDS Charities: Helping a Dominican Republic Orphanage

by | Opinions & Features

5986 releases series of Easter-themed videos, adds e-card function

by | Everything Else

In the weeks leading up to April 8, 2012, plans to release a series of Easter-related v...


BYU–Idaho Offers Online Degree in Family History

by | Official Church Info

BYU–Idaho introduced a new online degree this year in family history research. The applied associates scien...


Mormon Humanitarianism on a Global Stage

by | Official Church Info

During 2012 the Church provided victims of 104 disasters in 52 countries with hundreds of thousands of poun...


Australian Young Single Adults celebrate the new year at YSA conventions

by | Everything Else

When New Year’s celebrations are broadcast, the world often watches the events in Australia, which is among...


Students watched general conference from Sea of Galilee

by | Everything Else

The recent general conference was especially memorable for dozens of students enrolled at the Brigham Young...


Mormon Helping Hands assist with fire cleanup in Idaho

by | Everything Else

The bright yellow Mormon Helping Hands T-shirts—approximately 1,650 of them—provided a stark contrast again...


Family History Exploded in 2013: Highlights

by | What We Believe

This has been an exceptional year for family history. The Church introduced a suite of new online services ...