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'Guilt Free' Shares 6 Lies the Adversary Tells

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It's easy to become despondent amid trials, imperfections and weaknesses. Karen John, who is a member of Th...


Rising Rock Band Holds to LDS Values

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Provo, the college town in the middle of Utah Valley, has seen a surprising amount of success in a place mu...

What's new: Holiday-theme products ring in season

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Ditch Facebook and join

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Forget Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. is the social networking place to be. I stumbled across the...


Mormon Entrepreneur Credits God with His Life's Success

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Jim Yates of Flint Hill, Va., has fond memories of dirty laundry. Fifty years ago, Yates learned a lesson a...

10 member-missionary tips

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In a recent survey by pollster Gary Lawrence of how Americans view "Mormonism," a whopping 77 percent said ...


Temple Square events offer variety throughout month

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

The options are many and the venues varied, but there's one central theme to the Christmas on Temple Square...


Build Your Own Temple with New Brick Set

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For 40 years, from 1853 until 1893, the Mormon settlers in Utah labored and sacrificed to construct the Sal...


Pharisees and the Word of Wisdom

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Today I thought I would provide my insider's list of foods and drinks that are and are not allowed based on...

Planting a seed in India with a Book of Mormon pageant

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

A Mormon her entire life, Diane Pritchett had read Alma’s discourse in the Book of Mormon about experimenti...