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For Mitt Romney and other Mormons, missions are like a ‘refiner’s fire’

by Religion News Service | What They're Saying About "Us"

At age 19, Mitt Romney was a typical college student, schmoozing about politics, pulling pranks and sneakin...


How My Visiting Teacher May Have Literally Saved My Life

by Religion News Service | News from Utah Mormon Life Lesson Helps

When I first graduated from the Young Women’s organization into Relief Society, I admit, I felt awkward cal...


Can Coloring Help Kids & Adults Feel the Spirit More?

by Religion News Service | Fun Makes You Think

MR says: Sure, coloring is a great way to keep kids quiet during church meetings, but can it really help in...


Challenges and Joys Serving in the Inner City

by Religion News Service | Mormon Life

In today’s guest post, Atlanta Relief Society president Bryndis Roberts points to some unique challenges in...


Religion Journalist Praises Mormon Singles Wards

by Religion News Service | News from Utah

Naomi Schaefer Riley‘s new book Got Religion? looks at one of the big questions of religion today: Why are ...


Mormon Woman Volunteers to Be Whipped to Save Saudi Blogger

by Religion News Service | News from Utah

“Are you as brave as Katrina Lantos Swett?” That was the subject line of an email I received yesterday from...


A Mormon among the Evangelicals

by Religion News Service | Everything Else

This week the Revangelical podcast has posted an interview I did at the Wild Goose Festival. Usually at the...