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What Famous Historical & Modern Figures Have Said about Mormons

by LDS Smile | Mormon Life

John F Kennedy “Of all the stories of American pioneers and settlers, none is more inspiring than the Mormo...


13 Hilarious Memes that Sum Up Motherhood

by LDS Smile | Humor

It is funny how much these apply to my life as a mother and I’m sure you feel the same about some if not al...


The Vital Part of Repentance We Keep Getting Painfully Wrong

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We all need to rely on the Atonement in order to make it back to our Heavenly Father, but what if we are ge...


What the World Looked Like When President Monson Was Called to be an Apostle

by LDS Smile | Mormon Life

Touch tone telephones were introduced “The Andy Griffith Show” was the hit TV show Gas cost $0.29 a gallon ...


Do Good Anyway

by LDS Smile | Best of LDS Blogs

In all of my various roles within the church from being an EFY counselor to Elder Quorum President, I have ...


Why I Wish People Would Stop Saying 'I Prayed About it, and You're Not the One'

by LDS Smile | Makes You Think

“I don’t think we should date anymore, because I prayed about it and you’re just not right for me” This is ...


I've Been Flirting With a Girl, Even Though I'm Married

by LDS Smile | Best of LDS Blogs

It’s true.  I’ve been dating a girl for the last 8 years who I absolutely adore even though I’ve been ...


Taking Offense at Church: Only With Your Consent

by LDS Smile | Best of LDS Blogs

So we get hundreds of emails asking us about our advice on ______ subject or are asked what we would do in ...


10 Jurassic Park Memes with a Mormon Twist

by LDS Smile | Humor Fun


What If Harry Potter Were Mormon?

by LDS Smile | Fun

If Harry Potter and the Wizarding World Were Mormons: ...