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New Church Video Series Shows How Members are #SharingGoodness

by | From the Church Videos


Watch: Primary Kids Share How They Followed Jesus This Year

by | Videos Fun Mormon Life

Read more inspiring stories and "footsteps" from Primary children by clicking the link below. This year the...


Our Best Defense Against Pornography

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I was shopping for school clothes with my nine-year-old son when our conversation turned from lighthearted ...


Methodist Minister's Insights Into Ancient Temples Will Transform How You Think of Temples Today

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Ancient temple rituals in the Bible reveal much about how we worship in the temple today. Check out these f...


First Presidency Calls 8 New Visitors' Center Directors for 2017

by | From the Church Mormon Life

Eight new visitors' center directors have been called to serve by the First Presidency to places all over t...


Hope and Healing after Divorce

by | Opinions & Features What We Believe

At age 25, I was divorced. How would I heal from the pain? When I first met Andy (name has been changed), I...


Church Adds 4 New "Cornerstone" Institute Courses

by | Mormon Life

MR says: What great additions to the Church's institute program that will help young adults address concern...


10 Epic Halloween Riddles from the 1985 'Friend' Magazine

by | Humor Fun Mormon Life

MR says: Check out these 10 spooktacular Halloween riddles shared in the 1985 October issue of "The Fr...


First Presidency Calls 8 New Mission Presidents to Serve in U.S., Baltic States, Mexico, and More

by | From the Church Mormon Life

From the Baltic states to the United States and Mexico to Venezuela, learn more about the eight new mission...

Seminary Can Change Lives

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