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26 Rare Photos of Elder Cook That Will Make You Love Him Even More

by LDS Living Staff | Fun Mormon Life

Elder Quentin L. Cook was born on September 8, 1940, in Logan, Utah. He was called to the Quorum of the Twe...


President Nelson Shares Invitation and the "Certain" Truth He's Learned Over 95 Years at Birthday Celebration

by Danielle B. Wagner | Mormon Life

“If I have learned anything certain in my 95 years of life, it’s that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God. H...


President Nelson on How Next Conference Will Be "Unforgettable" (+ 4 Ways He Asked Us to Prepare)

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the First Vision, President Nelson announced, "General conferenc...


Latter-day Saint Movie Review: What Families Need to Know Before Seeing "Abominable"

by Trina Boice of Movie Review Mom, Contributor | Fun

What's it about?      DreamWorks presents a beautiful and sweet animated film that features ...


ESPN Journalist: BYU Football "Is the Most Visual Public Representation" of the Church

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

Thanks to for making us aware of this podcast episode.  Even after beginning th...


The Surprising Reason Steve Young Didn't Serve a Mission (and It Has Nothing to Do with Football)

by Steve Young, adapted from "QB: My Life Behind the Spiral" | Famous Mormons

In the 1990s, Steve Young rose to fame as the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Now the Hall of...


Church Releases First Book of Mormon Video

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church Videos Mormon Life

The long-awaited moment has arrived: The first in a series of epic Book of Mormon videos has been released ...


6 Harmful Myths Latter-Day Saint Women Often Hear About Their Bodies

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As women, we are bombarded with impossible expectations about our bodies through social media, movies, tele...


New Church Video: "We Don’t Need to Be the Same to Be One"

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Mormon Life

One of the most beautiful, intentional designs manifest in our Heavenly Father's creations is diversity. No...


When Marie Osmond Was Offered $5 Million to Be in "Playboy" and Donny Was Asked to Fake a Drug Bust to Help Their Careers

by LDS Living Staff | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning , Donny and Marie Osmond were asked a question many have wonder...