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Latter-day Saint Author's Best-Selling Book That Started a National Movement Is Being Turned into a Christmas Movie

by Ashli Kristine Hansen | Famous Mormons Fun

The story of the Christmas Jars phenomenon is officially getting another chapter! Only this time, fans of t...


"This Is the Gospel" Season Two Release Date + a Sneak Peek at the First Episode

by LDS Living Staff | Fun Mormon Life

You've waited more than three long months for it, and now, season two of This Is the Gospel is almost here!...


Quiz: Book of Mormon Name or Pokémon—Can You Tell the Difference?

by Alexandra Mortenson | Fun

The following story previously ran on  LDS Living  in October 2017. There are many interesting wo...


KUER Shares the Remarkable Thing a BYU Professor Tells Students with Questions About the Church

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As a BYU history professor and director of the Maxwell Institute, Spencer Fluhman is the go-to guy of sorts...


Why a Latter-day Saint 2-Year-Old Was Featured in Times Square

by Danielle B. Wagner | Mormon Life

In New York City's Times Square, 2-year-old Nora Hendricks' photo flashed across the jumbotron on September...


How a Glimpse Behind-the-Scenes at General Conference Can Help Prepare and Change Our Hearts

by Bob Walker | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following article has been republished with permission.  During my seven years in The Tabernacle C...


When Missionaries Followed a Prompting to Return to the Home of a Man Who Had Threatened Them

by Elder John H. Groberg, excerpted from "Fire of Faith" | Mormon Life

The following is an excerpt from Elder John H. Groberg’s book  Fire of Faith ,  which details his...


Listen: The Unlikely Encounter in the Middle of Nowhere That Helped a Stranded Family Get Home

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

Somewhere on the Utah-Nevada border in the dead of winter is not the ideal place or season to have a car br...


Latter-day Saint Best-Selling Author: I Thought I Knew What Hollywood Was Like. Then I Experienced This

by Jason F. Wright | Mormon Life

Call it a modern-day miracle. Thirteen years after signing the development deal, production of my best-sell...


How a Mother's Prompting to Save Thrown-Away Dogs Ended Up Changing Her Family's Life

by Barbara Morgan Gardner, excerpted from "The Priesthood Power of Women in the Temple, Church, and Family" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My husband and I recently had our carpets cleaned by a gentleman from Peru who moved to the United States w...