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ICE agents posing as LDS missionaries?

by Salt Lake Tribune | News from Utah

The American Civil Liberties Union is raising the suspicion that federal immigration agents posed as Mormon...

Utah tops nation in traditional family categories

by Salt Lake Tribune | News from Utah

An analysis released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that as Americans move more to a "Modern Fam...

Nutty Putty tragedy: Rescuers relied on shared LDS faith, family stories

by Salt Lake Tribune | Opinions & Features

Crawling on her belly, Susie Motola inched her way through a cramped limestone tunnel that wound through th...

Calderón’s rep will review request to suspend LDS missionary visas

by Salt Lake Tribune | News from Utah

The office of Felipe Calderón has acknowledged receipt of a Latino activist’s letter urging Mexico’s presid...


'Book of Mormon' in Salt Lake in 2013? Possibly

by Salt Lake Tribune | Arts & Entertainment

"The Book of Mormon" -- the musical, not the book -- could be knocking on Salt Lake City's door next year. ...


Mormon Church pulls missionaries from Ivory Coast

by Salt Lake Tribune | Everything Else

Due to escalating unrest and political instability in the wake of the Ivory Coast’s contested presidential ...

U of U demands HBO cut its logo from 'Big Love' episode

by Salt Lake Tribune | News from Utah

The University of Utah is demanding HBO delete shots showing the university's name and logo from an episode...


A Look Back: Photos of Salt Lake's ZCMI in the late 1800s

by Salt Lake Tribune | Opinions & Features

The Salt Lake Tribune occasionally presents images from its archives in a special series called A Look Back...

Utah's newest senator - he's LDS, liberal and rising rapidly

by Salt Lake Tribune | News from Utah

To say he simply is a rising Democratic star might be a perversion of astronomy. Ben McAdams is an internat...

Olene Walker on today’s politics

by Salt Lake Tribune | Mormons We Know

Early in the morning, before the heat becomes intolerable, Olene Walker straps on her sandals, boards her g...