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A Heartwarming Story of President Monson's Mom & What It Teaches Us

by Church News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

At a time when the world had little hope and many had to struggle to find food,  Gladys Condie Monson ...


Church Announces Updates to Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness

by Church News | From the Church Mormon Life

“Just as the Church adapts food production and storage projects according to changing needs, families may w...


The General Conference Blooper That Turned into a Powerful Message Thanks to the Advice of an Apostle

by Church News | Mormon Life

I love how this wonderful Church leader took a potentially embarrassing moment and transformed it into a wa...


Church Announces New Temple Policy for Families

by Church News | From the Church Mormon Life

All temples around the world will soon have a designated “Family Temple Time” to encourage and accommodate ...


Church Releases New Section on Gospel Library App with Content Created by—and for—Young Adults

by Church News | Mormon Life

The Church recently announced a new section on the Gospel Library app created just for young adults.  ...


How Working at McDonald's Led This Church Leader to the Gospel

by Church News | Mormon Life

“You can have great knowledge but fail at life,” Elder Vinson said. “You can have a great career but fail a...


Church Calls 14 New Temple Presidents from Peru to Ukraine

by Church News | From the Church Mormon Life

With so many temples in the world, new temple presidents are frequently called. This time, Lima, Peru; Kyiv...


The Love Story of 2 Latter-day Saints Who Helped Each Other Combat Cancer

by Church News

“We found that during cancer, or during any hard time, really, if you stayed close to God things became a l...


Church News Updates LDS General Authorities Chart

by Church News | Mormon Life

Thanks to the Church News  for making us aware of this new chart. Many changes have come to our Church...


The Hymn President Nelson Wrote That the Tabernacle Choir Performed During General Conference

by Church News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Did you know this song was written by President Nelson? President Russell M. Nelson's final contribution to...